What you guys sent in!

I received three song links in total (look a few posts below if you don't know what I'm talking about). Those three people will get a beta key to Battlefield Play4Free (or at least two of them, Zakk didn't want anything :) ) Anyway, here are the songs linked!

Dubstep Santa 2 - Filthy Coal
The song was linked here by http://dubandmovies.blogspot.com, a good place to look if you like dubstep. Check the blog out!

Excision & Downlink - Heavy Artillery

Even though only a short song, it's pretty heavy. Linked here by Zakk from http://www.playvidya.com. The blog description, as he puts it, is:
Here at Play Vidya, we like to play video games, design video games, and talk video games.

Charlie Sheen Bi-Winning Dubstep - Ephixa

How can you be famous like Charlie Sheen and not get remixed into dubstep? :) Enjoy! Linked by http://mac-and-i.blogspot.com/ !