Stan SB - Welcome Back

So I checked some other blogs while I was studying, commented on a bit. I could have never guessed I would get you guys to follow this blog, so this comes as a suprise really!
Anyway, why I am posting! I'm home since i'm feeling kinda ill, and I saw it fitting to give you all a new tune. This time, it's something from Stan SB. It's not really dubstep, but more to the drum 'n bass side of sounds.

Yeah, another fun one! And vocals once more. What can I say, I like happy tunes with a good voice in it..
The melody is pretty catchy as well, and this stays inside my head for quite a while. Even though I'm not the musical talent, really not, I caught myself singing this a few times after I first heard it.
Keep your eyes peeled for this young artist, who is surely going to make some very cool stuff.

And something funny to close this post off!


  1. nice song, looking forward to future posts

  2. Ahh, really liked the song! :)

  3. I liked the video of the baby, it literally looked like a drunk midget.