Netsky - Escape feat. Darrison

Second today!
I'll be posting two today, since I'm not or almost not going to be home next week. So, as to compensate staying quiet for 4 days, here is my second post today! And yet another song (I need to find some other stuff to post real soon!) It's from an upcoming (well, upcoming?) dutch artist called Netsky!

Netsky produces songs that all have a similar touch 'n feel. Some say this is bad, I call it setting a brand. As some people place him as the future of Drum 'n Bass, he really is making it a very easily accesible genre. I can imagine people dancing to the tune above, without actually being into DnB as it is.
The tune has small liquid touches in it, which is how I discovered him. The YouTube channel Liquicity releases Liquid DnB every now and then, and I got to know him through that channel.
And vocals.. yeah.. a song with vocals is worth so much more than one who hasn't. It's like that in most genres and in most songs, and is no exception here.

* And extremely danceable!