I just have to share this

I've started playing minecraft recently, and not untill now has it shown me how much you can do with it. Just watch..


Nero - Guilt

I just saw this on Dailydubstep's blog (find it here!) Such a nice tune!

Enjoy it as much as I did!


Justice - Phantom Pt. I & II + Boys Noize remix

Obviously, Pt. I and II belong together. The remix (third vid) is by boys noize. Thought I'd throw in some electro instead of dubstep or drum 'n bass!



Back home! Time for another music post!

Back home now, and my youtube subscription box was really overflowing. So here, i'll post you all some songs :D



Music dump ^3

As I'm leaving on a vacation for a week (citytripping wooo!) here's an early music dump for you guys! See you in a week!




Bit of music + !?!?!

Today, I'm sharing two songs with you. Feint - My Sunset, and

Invaders Must Die (FS9 remix)

Battlefield Play4Free opened publicly, give me a message if you're gonna play and we can play some rounds together. Here are some screenshots!

Pretty win, huh :)



A quick and kinda unrelated post, but I found this recently. Anyone ever heard of trainsurfing?

Can't believe I haven't heard of this before, it seems quite commonly spread. 14yr olds doing it in my country..


Cool internet find!

Found this while browsing the depths of the internet, check it out! Easy and fun way to quickly make a catchy sound!

Click me!


Advertising your blog on YouSayToo (+ music)

Hey guys

I found this site where you can link up with other people and join a blogging community that lives side by side with this one. Upload your blog there, backlink to it on your own blog (like my ad on the right here) and your blog will show on other people's website as well! It's a win-win!
Click here!
P.S.: Music! Megamix!


501 - White Lies

Enjoy, pretty nice song!

edit: This has to be my fav song posted here yet. Cannot stop listening to it!