New blog - Gaym Reviews

Hello herro

I've started up a new blog, in which I'll be reviewing games, with a very heavy hint of opinion in it. Give it a look!




A little music dump! -

Sorry for it being so late, but it's been immensely busy over here, in real life. So here's a small music dump!




I just have to share this

I've started playing minecraft recently, and not untill now has it shown me how much you can do with it. Just watch..


Nero - Guilt

I just saw this on Dailydubstep's blog (find it here!) Such a nice tune!

Enjoy it as much as I did!


Justice - Phantom Pt. I & II + Boys Noize remix

Obviously, Pt. I and II belong together. The remix (third vid) is by boys noize. Thought I'd throw in some electro instead of dubstep or drum 'n bass!



Back home! Time for another music post!

Back home now, and my youtube subscription box was really overflowing. So here, i'll post you all some songs :D



Music dump ^3

As I'm leaving on a vacation for a week (citytripping wooo!) here's an early music dump for you guys! See you in a week!




Bit of music + !?!?!

Today, I'm sharing two songs with you. Feint - My Sunset, and

Invaders Must Die (FS9 remix)

Battlefield Play4Free opened publicly, give me a message if you're gonna play and we can play some rounds together. Here are some screenshots!

Pretty win, huh :)



A quick and kinda unrelated post, but I found this recently. Anyone ever heard of trainsurfing?

Can't believe I haven't heard of this before, it seems quite commonly spread. 14yr olds doing it in my country..


Cool internet find!

Found this while browsing the depths of the internet, check it out! Easy and fun way to quickly make a catchy sound!

Click me!


Advertising your blog on YouSayToo (+ music)

Hey guys

I found this site where you can link up with other people and join a blogging community that lives side by side with this one. Upload your blog there, backlink to it on your own blog (like my ad on the right here) and your blog will show on other people's website as well! It's a win-win!
Click here!
P.S.: Music! Megamix!


501 - White Lies

Enjoy, pretty nice song!

edit: This has to be my fav song posted here yet. Cannot stop listening to it!


Rob Zombie - Sick Bubblegum (Skrillex Edit)


EDIT! The youtube account of the other version got deleted, so it's this somewhat worse remix. But still cool!


New minecraft blog!

Hey guys/girls,

I set up a new blog, a minecraft diary. It's a first person tale of the guy who is inside Minecraft, and how he experiences the world around him. Be sure to check it out!

Minecraft Diary


(sorry for it being netsky yet again!)

MysteryGuitarman does dubstep

Pretty nice video I found. It's not the music per se that's good, but the effects are nice!


Brookes Brothers - Big Blue

Summer DnB! What could be better!

Ingore the talkthroughs and it's alot better :) Cheers!


Sunday = music dump post! ^2

Yet another sunday! Enjoy the songs that are being dumped!

Rusko - Everyday (Netsky Remix)

Mt Eden - Escape
Danny Byrd feat. Netsky - Tonight
Deadmau5 - Right This Second
Enjoy! Be sure to tell me which one you like most!

What you guys sent in!

I received three song links in total (look a few posts below if you don't know what I'm talking about). Those three people will get a beta key to Battlefield Play4Free (or at least two of them, Zakk didn't want anything :) ) Anyway, here are the songs linked!

Dubstep Santa 2 - Filthy Coal
The song was linked here by http://dubandmovies.blogspot.com, a good place to look if you like dubstep. Check the blog out!

Excision & Downlink - Heavy Artillery

Even though only a short song, it's pretty heavy. Linked here by Zakk from http://www.playvidya.com. The blog description, as he puts it, is:
Here at Play Vidya, we like to play video games, design video games, and talk video games.

Charlie Sheen Bi-Winning Dubstep - Ephixa

How can you be famous like Charlie Sheen and not get remixed into dubstep? :) Enjoy! Linked by http://mac-and-i.blogspot.com/ !



Quick post, funny vid!

As the contest below is still running (got not enough entries), I'll post some cool video here. It's tough guys singing 'Savage Garden'. You know, "I wanna stand with you on a mountain, ..."



5 Beta Keys 'Battlefield Play4Free' giveaway!

To show my thanks to all of my followers, I'm going to hand out a present today. I have 5 beta keys to give away, and I'm going to hand them out to whoever
1) Is following me
2) Posts a cool dubstep song that lies in the genre of this blog.

Now, if you have a friend that would love to play but isn't following/blogging, get them to post as well. Only people who follow me while posting can earn this! I will pick the 5 'best' songs out of what you guys post and those 5 will get a key.
The others will receive a link to their blog in the next post, with the song they posted next to it.

Have fun!

P.S.: You can only post one song
P.P.S: If you prefer to have your blog posted over getting the beta key, mention it clearly!


Not so classical Whodunnit!


Camo & Krooked - Reincarnation (and Skream!)

Hey guys! Quick post!
I've not had that much time lately, so here's a quick post. A cool DnB tune, check it out!

And more dubstep! By Skream!



Deadmau5 - Ghost N Stuff (Nero Remix) - and more!

Good morning!

So I intentionally overslept for class today, was some boring lecture anyway. Anyway, time for more music! This one was suggested by Josh from http://www.icantstandfalling.com/. Go check him out!

Its a pretty cool tune, perfect for this blog actually. Not too heavy, pretty light and melodious (?), but still very danceable. Check it out below!
Now, I can't just make a post with suggestions, can I? Here's one of my own fav's! It's La Roux - In For The Kill (Skream Remix). A bit filthier and heavier as to what you're used to on here. Still pretty good dubstep though!


A shard of dubstep by Nero!

Just a quick post, stumbled on yet another dubstep tune remixed by Nero, really heavy once again. Thought I'd share again!


Willem de Roo - Morning Walk

And a morning walk indeed! Enjoying the first sun of the year!
I was walking through Brussels this morning, nice and warm weather and people were all friendly. Met a couple of friends who were also on their way, sat down in the sun eating a sandwich for breakfast.. ahh, how good can it get?

Anyway, this is the song that I had playing for a while, like three times in a row, just cause it made me happy :) Enjoy!


50 followers ahoy!

Wew, 50 followers already! Thanks alot guys! You're why I post so often, is pretty cool to do. I've got a tune for you to celebrate the 50 followers breach. Enjoy!

Posted originally at http://dubstepkingdom.blogspot.com/ . Support!

Sunday = music dump!

It's sunday, which means I'm posting 5 songs in one post! And it's sunny outside, my mood can't break in any way today!
Rihanna - Rudeboy (TC remix)
Nero - Innocence
Plan B - Love Goes Down (Doctor P remix)
Busy Signal - Right now

The Subs - Face of the planet (Gtronic remix) - preview



Scribbler + music = win!

Hey guys! A quick post!

I'm listening to some music right now, trying to find some tunes that i find worth posting in here and that i find worth sharing with you all. I'm checking out some reggae, and drawing stuff in Scribbler. Great to draw while casually listening to music. Check it out here: Scribbler!

If you manage to draw something to a tune, don't be afraid to post it in reply! I'll post what I drew (past time of draw?!) if you guys post yours :)
Happy bopping!

What should I post next?

Time for my first question to whoever views! I won't be making a poll as it's kinda an open question, being: What should I post next?

Your answers can range from music genres (dubstep, electro, jazz, funky jazz, drum and bass, lounge, reggae, ...) to funny videos. You can really suggest any genre you like!

Post your suggestions in the comments, and in 24 hours from now I'll post whatever has been suggested the most! (Of course i'll still post something in between as it's fun :) )



Found two CD's today! (and more dubstep)

Hey guys! Ready to post again!
So, today I was waiting for the bus and I found two CD's. Well, one CD and one single, really. The first one is 'Piano Club' by Andromedia, the second one is 'The Accident (and other love stories) by Spencer the Rover. I'm kinda thrilled by these finds, as I'm kinda exploring stuff I would never listen to.
 Piano Club

The Accident (and other love stories)

I haven't really listened to it all, but I do kinda like it. But, that is actually not what i'll be linking you! I will, once again, put a fine piece of drum and bass on the channel. 301 views but surely to go high!



If you laugh within the first 6 seconds, you lose.

Just a quick post here, from between my books! No music this time!


Stan SB - Welcome Back

So I checked some other blogs while I was studying, commented on a bit. I could have never guessed I would get you guys to follow this blog, so this comes as a suprise really!
Anyway, why I am posting! I'm home since i'm feeling kinda ill, and I saw it fitting to give you all a new tune. This time, it's something from Stan SB. It's not really dubstep, but more to the drum 'n bass side of sounds.

Yeah, another fun one! And vocals once more. What can I say, I like happy tunes with a good voice in it..
The melody is pretty catchy as well, and this stays inside my head for quite a while. Even though I'm not the musical talent, really not, I caught myself singing this a few times after I first heard it.
Keep your eyes peeled for this young artist, who is surely going to make some very cool stuff.

And something funny to close this post off!


Gone for the week!

It will be awfully quiet here next week, as I will be gone! So long!

Netsky - Escape feat. Darrison

Second today!
I'll be posting two today, since I'm not or almost not going to be home next week. So, as to compensate staying quiet for 4 days, here is my second post today! And yet another song (I need to find some other stuff to post real soon!) It's from an upcoming (well, upcoming?) dutch artist called Netsky!

Netsky produces songs that all have a similar touch 'n feel. Some say this is bad, I call it setting a brand. As some people place him as the future of Drum 'n Bass, he really is making it a very easily accesible genre. I can imagine people dancing to the tune above, without actually being into DnB as it is.
The tune has small liquid touches in it, which is how I discovered him. The YouTube channel Liquicity releases Liquid DnB every now and then, and I got to know him through that channel.
And vocals.. yeah.. a song with vocals is worth so much more than one who hasn't. It's like that in most genres and in most songs, and is no exception here.

* And extremely danceable!

Phetsta - Prism


First of all: woah! I am enjoying blogging, talking about stuff that I enjoy AND I have amassed followers already! Cheers guys!
Got something for you! This time, it's another review of a song that I like to put up when I just got home, or when cooking or cleaning. The song is really energetic, but let's get to it.

The song, Phetsta by Prism, is energetic and really fun to listen to. When started you get a small taste of what's to come. The vocals come in at 0:20, and it kinda only moves upward from there on. Steadily building up to a climax, somehow releases at 1:05.
Now, the song's a goodie. It doesn't stay in your head for ages, but when you put it on you can recognise it and can immediately recognise which sounds are going to come, making it VERY danceable!
And as some people might think it bad if it doesn't stay in your head, I don't think that's bad. Nothing more annoying than having a song in your head for two days, as when you'll play it again it will only be slightly worse as when you imagine!

Only sidenote: might get repetitive, but that's why you should do stuff WHILE listening to it. Clean your room, write that paper, let it play when you're riding your bike. Actually, just thought of the finishing line:

It's a song for the bike, but not for the train.


Ronald Jenkees - Stay Crunchy (Wolf e-Wolf Dubstep Remix)

I would like to share a musical find today. The song has 'only' 50.000 views on YouTube, which is not that enormously big if you consider that other and crappier songs have -alot- more.
Allright, ontopic now. The song is a dubstep remix from a Ronald Jenkees song. If you do not know Ronald Jenkees, you should go check him out here or here. Those are some original songs of him, not remixed. Listen to those before actually continuing!
If you do know him, we can continue back on track. The song itself can be found below.
Notice, it's a dubstep remix of the first link up there.
As what's good about this song: it smells like summer. Simply playing it after a hard day at school or work placement, I relax and think of the summer ahead, a time mostly filled with good memories. The small liquidish sounds make me happy, and the bassdrop makes me want to dance. Is there any better combo? BRING THE SUMMER PLEASE!
But seriously, his improv and fun while playing are so catchy, I am having fun simply by watching his videos. So that's that!

Now, we cannot judge a piece fully without seeing it's bad sides as well. The power of the original version is somewhat lost. This will be in all of the remixes done on his songs, as he improvs alot on them. I mean, just see him enjoy and playing on feel instead of technique on the two links I posted above. It's insane and nearly impossible to achieve that amount of fun on a remix. And that's how Ronald Jenkees will end in my opinion. He cannot perform live in the same way as he does on his videos, which is his strength and trademark (apart from the hat and the glasses then). Either he finds a way around it and make money out of it, or he'll be milked down by some manager.

But, as RJ would say:
Keep on playing, even the little stuff!

So what's this blog about?


Where is this blog going? It'll be giving out some fresh music in alot of genres, amongst them but not limited to: dubstep, drum 'n bass, electro, (drumstep??), contemporary, ... .

As this is my very first blog (ever, woo!) things might be a bit shaky at first, but I'd love it if people would comment feedback somewhere. I'd love you for that :)

Have fun!