Ronald Jenkees - Stay Crunchy (Wolf e-Wolf Dubstep Remix)

I would like to share a musical find today. The song has 'only' 50.000 views on YouTube, which is not that enormously big if you consider that other and crappier songs have -alot- more.
Allright, ontopic now. The song is a dubstep remix from a Ronald Jenkees song. If you do not know Ronald Jenkees, you should go check him out here or here. Those are some original songs of him, not remixed. Listen to those before actually continuing!
If you do know him, we can continue back on track. The song itself can be found below.
Notice, it's a dubstep remix of the first link up there.
As what's good about this song: it smells like summer. Simply playing it after a hard day at school or work placement, I relax and think of the summer ahead, a time mostly filled with good memories. The small liquidish sounds make me happy, and the bassdrop makes me want to dance. Is there any better combo? BRING THE SUMMER PLEASE!
But seriously, his improv and fun while playing are so catchy, I am having fun simply by watching his videos. So that's that!

Now, we cannot judge a piece fully without seeing it's bad sides as well. The power of the original version is somewhat lost. This will be in all of the remixes done on his songs, as he improvs alot on them. I mean, just see him enjoy and playing on feel instead of technique on the two links I posted above. It's insane and nearly impossible to achieve that amount of fun on a remix. And that's how Ronald Jenkees will end in my opinion. He cannot perform live in the same way as he does on his videos, which is his strength and trademark (apart from the hat and the glasses then). Either he finds a way around it and make money out of it, or he'll be milked down by some manager.

But, as RJ would say:
Keep on playing, even the little stuff!


  1. omg i love his shit its so awesome great stuff for begin inspired to play piano

  2. Thanks man im totally gonna download this song


  3. I love RJ! He's a funny looking guy but he is so full of talent and beauty! this remix is solid as well. I especially like how it starts