Phetsta - Prism


First of all: woah! I am enjoying blogging, talking about stuff that I enjoy AND I have amassed followers already! Cheers guys!
Got something for you! This time, it's another review of a song that I like to put up when I just got home, or when cooking or cleaning. The song is really energetic, but let's get to it.

The song, Phetsta by Prism, is energetic and really fun to listen to. When started you get a small taste of what's to come. The vocals come in at 0:20, and it kinda only moves upward from there on. Steadily building up to a climax, somehow releases at 1:05.
Now, the song's a goodie. It doesn't stay in your head for ages, but when you put it on you can recognise it and can immediately recognise which sounds are going to come, making it VERY danceable!
And as some people might think it bad if it doesn't stay in your head, I don't think that's bad. Nothing more annoying than having a song in your head for two days, as when you'll play it again it will only be slightly worse as when you imagine!

Only sidenote: might get repetitive, but that's why you should do stuff WHILE listening to it. Clean your room, write that paper, let it play when you're riding your bike. Actually, just thought of the finishing line:

It's a song for the bike, but not for the train.